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Useful Links

Here are several websites that owners have found useful or very useful. If you know of any others that you have found worthwhile please email me the address and I should be able to incorporate them into this list.

A possible source of information is to search for, say, 'Vectra forums' if you own a Vectra into Google or whatever search engine you prefer. This tends to bring up quite a list of useful sources.



Citroen XM       


                 interesting parts together with an alternative part for a
                          common recirculation flap fault

Ford Focus      

Ford Scorpio Ultima an extremely good site for Scorpio owners - much information

Ford Granada and Scorpio




Lexus or Toyota Soarer 

Mitsubishi Shogun/Pajero

Nissan Surf     

Nissan 300ZX    

Opel/Vauxhall Vectra


Volkswagen Passat

Another two business links - as a small family based company we try very hard to give an exemplary service. As such we applaud any other company we have used who also aspire to this ideal. A company which services domestic machines, has no financial tie-in to us at all but has impressed us in the past with its service is Their shop is a couple of hundred yards from Rochester Cathedral and they serve the area around the Medway Towns.

Another weird one on this very unusual website.

Quite a few years ago, probably ten or more I was travelling along one of our local rural roads and could hear the sound of church bells. The sound gradually got louder until I passed a picturesque church complete with a wedding party. I could hear the lovely sound of these bells for a considerable time as they broadcast out over a wide area of the good news of this couple. I thought to myself at this time that I could easily get interested in pulling bells like this but did nothing about it for years. Finally several years ago whilst researching my wife's ancestry I stumbled over the website of the church near her birthplace who were seeking learners for bell ringing. I find it quite fascinating and much more tricky that you would think. If you have good timing and good rhythm then you are halfway there. I have seen slim young women of no more than about seven stones controlling bells so much more easily than I can do. But then I am a terrible dancer, I suppose that they go together. You do not need much strength to pull a bell if you have good rhythm, even fairly big bells, I usually ring a bell that weighs about the same weight as a racehorse. Some of the bell ringing websites are obviously written by experts for other experienced ringers and are gobbledegook for learners like me but have a look at if you have an interest as it is easy-peasy or if you live anywhere near us then phone our booking number and I can ask our Tower Captain who knows a heap more than I do and is always very helpful.

Mentioned on the page on France is a website with a very extensive dictionary of French Food - unfortunately this seems to have been withdrawn now.

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