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For bookings - I would love to be able to include a decent method of booking online but have so far found nothing so effective as Jenny is on the phone. However a pre-booking form would speed the phone calls and ensure that we had a very accurate record of vehicle, address, phone number etc. I shall try to find or write one in the future.

01474 83 29 41

0207 127 6580

01634 420 320

01622 260 560 - Service Costs


for advice - try the info site just below first

During the winter months I usually have time to offer advice and I am happy to be able to do this over the phone but unfortunately rarely get time for this during the busy summer period.

For more general information on Airconditioning in Cars - no advertising - just facts, tips, information, history and a little self-diagnosis that should answer many of your FAQ's, click on

I do get more time to reply to email enquiries now that Mark and Derek are doing most of the real work. Most enquiries are answered within 24 hours but if we are very busy just pick up the dog and bone - you may just catch me.

Contact us by Email here


If you have booked an appointment at our workshop then there now follows directions to find it as the Postcode does not allow a Satnav to get you right there (the Postcode leaves you about 400 yards away - this may sound no real problem but believe me, it is). This workshop is not manned every day so please do not just turn up without an appointment.
The outside view of our workshop

Directions to our workshop

The nearest Postcode is DA11 9SN so that could be used in order to get to the Industrial Area and then you can follow the directions from the heading "Northfleet Industrial Estate" just above the photo below. If your Satnav has the ability to use the Map Reference then

Latitude            N 51°27.115 minutes and

Longitude         E 0°18.919 will take you direct to our door.

The workshop address is Unit Q2 Northfleet Industrial Estate, off Lower Road, Northfleet, Kent. If you have a smart-phone, you can check Google Maps for "Aircon Direct Kent", these directions should bring you right to the workshop door.

The trunk road A2 will bring you to within a couple of miles of this area. There are two exits which will take you there easily, however the simplest directions are for the exit signed as Gravesend West.

Coming from the West (London, Blackwall Tunnel, M25 or Dartford Crossing) The exit is the first after that for Bluewater and is signposted "Northfleet, Gravesend West and Ebbsfleet International Station - A2260"

Coming from the East (Medway Area, Canterbury, Ashford or the coast) use the exit labelled "Northfleet, Gravesend West and Ebbsfleet International Station - A2260".

Once on the A2260 towards Northfleet

After about 500 yards you will see the brown tourist signs for Football with the words "The Fleet". Follow these signs for The Fleet for about a mile until you see this football ground immediately the other side of a roundabout. Turn left at this roundabout (signposted A226 Dartford and Swanscombe). Travel only about 200 yards to the traffic lights then Turn Right at these lights. Now almost immediately Turn Left (after no more than 30 yards).

Northfleet Industrial Estate

Postvan just arriving at our workshop

The view down the road once on the Industrial Estate - note well the red Post Office van in the distance turning right in towards our workshop.

If you have been using the Postcode in Satnav then ignore the Satnav from this point and follow these simple directions.

Continue along this road for about 200 yards and then a big Burger Van (Fat Sam's) will be seen on your left hand side. Now about 100 yards past the burger van, on the right hand side of the road is a building called Lake House. Immediately before this building is a tiny road - we are the second unit up this tiny narrow road.

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